What we do? offers a wide range of expertise to schools with a Christian character.

Key Points

  • Through the membership of the project you will get an access to consultancy expertise that can make implementation of Christian values easy

As a Chaplain or a Leader you will be able to:

  • Focus on the Christian ethos, which will be the foundation for your school
  • Strategise the embedding of Christian values in your school through the appropriate leadership
  • Be a special guest at conferences on school leadership
  • Get support of senior chaplains
  • Have discounted access to a wide programme of courses on Christian leadership
  • Address multi-faith concerns in schools
  • Invite inspiring speakers and preachers to attend your school-based events

Membership of can offer a support for your professional needs. The tutors will help you get through the process of creating a real value-based school. Our workshops and courses took place in the best locations, where you will find concentration and rest. The hotels where we accommodate future leaders are well-equipped. Usually, everyone has an access to the facilities such as laundry rooms, saloons and kitchens. The latter being furnished with cookers, microwaves, and the best kitchen worktops.