School Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy is a feature of many distinctive and traditional institutions. Universities, colleges and schools are not the only organisations praising chaplaincy. Representatives of this church-based tradition are also serving in hospitals, military units, prisons and even business departments.

Support, counsel and guidance – these are some of the many duties of a chaplain in a community. Traditionally an ordained minister or a priest who’s having this role is believed to be a representative of the values and beliefs of the community. He or she is counselling with the regard to these religious guidelines.

Another important responsibilities of chaplains is to lead the community in worship, and to devise the liturgy, which should be ever-improving.

Training and support

For many years, we have worked with school chaplains throughout the country. Right now, we are the only national organisation, which arranges the initial training for school chaplaincy. In participation with the School Chaplains' Association, we give regular in-service training and organise development days.